I think it's important to know a little about a person before you decide to contact them with a view to forming a relationship of any kind.  Especially when that partnership can involve working with one of your biggest assets.  Knowing that you and your bookkeeper share similar values and can relate on a personal level can help you with your decision.

Business Experience

I have over 35 years experience as a bookkeeper in accounts and administration – with 25 of those as an Office Manager. The businesses I have worked in would be classed small to medium i.e. 1 – 30 people and across a range of importing, distribution, service and manufacturing.  I have also been a Director and/or Shareholder of two other small businesses.   I am fully experienced in all facets of running a small to medium business and understand what is required to maintain and grow a business.


I started Biz Builder Ltd because I wanted to be my own boss and to work at something I could get passionate about. Helping small businesses by looking after their bookkeeping needs and then more recently adding web site building to the menu ticked all the boxes.

I enjoy the variety of being involved in a small business – budgeting, planning, marketing, cash flow, dealing with clients and suppliers, even just tidying up messes and doing the routine day to day tasks – I really feel I can take ownership of my work and be a small part of the success of a small business – I get to see the big picture rather than just doing one part of the job.

Over the years I have seen many small businesses, which have great potential and should succeed, either fail or merely struggle along making not much more than a wage for the owner. It doesnt need to be like that.

There are many reasons for a business failing - but the one thing which crops up again and again is that, although the owners are skilled and passionate about what they do, they ignore the administrative/financial side of the business and also the marketing. It doesn't matter how good you are at what you do - if you don't look after the bookkeeping and you dont undertake a planned marketing campaign of any sort - your business will never reach its full potential. Thats where I can help.


I'm a long term resident of Waitakere, married with 2 adult children and 4 grandchildren. My main outside interests are gardening, reading, movies, tramping and kayaking and there is never enough time to do them all as much as we would wish. Like many kiwis I have done quite a bit of volunteer work over the years - Teaching ESOL, visiting elderly, budget advisor, helping with kids clubs, being on committees and part of various organisations.  I am also a Christian and a member of the Salvation Army.

If you would like to know more about Biz Builder Ltd and how I can help you - please contact me any time.

Jill Fowler